Someone just brought the taste of Namak Mandi to Glasgow and the Scottish can’t have enough of it

Pakistani cuisine is rich in taste and it is famous everywhere in the world. People who prefer eating spicy food around the western side of the world, often visit Pakistani restaurants because it is the only food that strikes the perfect balance for their taste buds.

And when it comes to rice, chapal kebabs, namkeen karahi, dhumba karahi, who else can do it better than the Peshawari? Although most of the Peshawari cuisine is not quite spicy, it is still enough to tantalize the taste buds of Westerners.

With more and more food and travel bloggers visiting Pakistan to highlight its food and culture, more and more Westerners are showing interest in trying out our food.

Someone recently opened Namak Mandi in Glasgow which offers authentic Peshawari food and it has been an instant hit with the Scottish people.

The restaurant has also recreated the perfect ambiance and decor that are shinwari restaurants in Pakistan are known for. People even get to sit on a proper dasterkhuan on a large bench.

Complimentary Kehwa is also offered after the food which is a famous tradition in Peshawar.

The style and food of Namak Mandi have definitely strike a fine chord with the Scottish proving once again that Pakistani food has no alternatives.

Location of Namak Mandi Glasgow

Fancy trying out Peshwari cuisine for yourself when you’re in Scotland? You can use the map below to reach Namak Mandi easily.