Someone from Lahore turned their Civic into ‘Lightning McQueen’ from Disney’s Cars

Customizing your vehicle to something better, more powerful, or straight up bizarre has become a favorite past time activity for quite a few Pakistanis these days.

We’ve seen some pretty impressive custom projects in the recent past including turning a CD 70cc into a cafe racer, and giving Toyota Celica 2000 a Ferrari F430 makeover, Pakistanis sure know how to get creative with their vehicles.

Now someone from Lahore has just given their Honda Civic an unusual makeover by turning their car into Lightning McQueen, a character from one of Disney’s most popular animations ‘Cars’.

As you can see from the pictures above, the base car used in this makeover is Civic Reborn. Most of the car has been painted and adorned with stickers that are also found on Lightning McQueen from Cars.

The car has definitely caught the attention of vehicle modifiers from Pakistan. The car has mostly met with mixed reviews with some people loving what the owner has done with it, while others calling it a complete waste of time and money.

What are your thoughts on this makeover?