Remember Top Pops? You can now get them delivered directly to your home

Pakistanis who grew up in the 90s may remember Top Pops and how it was and still is one of the best packet snacks ever come out of Pakistan. The snack was created in 1989 by Niaz Pvt. Ltd and it was an instant hit amongst children.

The snack is known for its unique taste, and crunchiness. It was and still is special due to the fact that it is actually baked and not fried compared to other packaged snacks. The ingredients used in Top Pops are also imported.

But alas, this is the very reason why Top Pops was discontinued in the first place. The cost of imported ingredients and the baking method is no longer cost effective which is why the company decided to discontinue the product.

For the die-hard fans though, there is still hope. Top Pop tikki packs are still made by the company even today. But they do not distribute it to the market which is why it is nearly impossible to find one.

You can get it delivered to your home by placing an order with Top Pops if you are in Lahore, or with Top-Pops Bahawalpur if you are outside of Lahore.

Top-Pops are only delivered in cartons so be prepared to pay in hundreds.