Nabila held a Halloween party ‘Fantasy Pop Up’ with celebrities

Holloween is being celebrated all over the world today. As always, Holloween is also being celebrated all over Pakistan today. A lot of places including restaurants, shops, and other public places are dressed up with festive colors to mark the event.

While there are a lot of private costume parties being held over Pakistan today, the celebrities are taking it up a whole new level this time. Renowned makeup artist Nabila held a Holloween Party ‘Fantasy Pop Up’ last night and here are the results.

Her team dressed up celebrities inspired by cult classic characters as well as some original characters. The makeup is so good that you can barely tell who is behind. Can you guess the celebrities behind all that makeup?

In case you weren’t able to guess who is behind that makeup, you can see who dressed as who below:

  • Fouzia Aman as Snapchat Princess
  • Parishae Adnan as Jessica Rabbit
  • Tabesh Khoja as a Psychedelic Jester
  • Yasmeen Hashmi as KABUKI
  • Nabila as Willy Wonka
  • Zehra as Pinkish
  • Saima Waqar as a Lady Bug
  • Kamran Ahmed as a Rock Stud
  • Aatika Habib as Vénitien Vampire