Momina Mustehsan wants you to listen to Ko Ko Korina again but this time without Ahad Raza Mir

Last month, when Coke Studio released its rendition of one of the most popular classic songs of Pakistan, ‘Ko Ko Korina’, featuring Momina Mustehsan, and Ahad Raza Mir, it was a complete disaster.

People literally hated Coke Studio’s version of Ko Ko Korina and expressed their anger and rage on social media. Some of the celebrities and politicians of Pakistan also commented on the rendition, calling it ‘Horrendous’.

Even Pakistani legend Waheed Murad’s son, Adil Murad commented on the cover and said that Coke Studio was run by idiots. It was a mess.

Naturally, Momina Mustehsan and Ahad Raza Mir were at the center of all this mess and were the main targets of trolls.

After a month of trolling, Momina Mustehsan is back with another cover of Ko Ko Korina. This time she’s singing alone and performing with Leo Twins, who already did a cover of Ko Ko Korina with success.

Aik maheena of trolling ki khushi mai, iak aur tohfa ? ??? with love, M. ♥️ #KoKoKorina #LeoTwins – Momina Mustehsan

What would you say to Momina? Do you think she does justice to the song now? Or is it once again just a failed attempt at recreating a classic.