Mark Wiens is in complete disbelief after trying Chapli Kebab from Mardan

Wiens called the Chapli kebab ‘hands down the best ever kebab’ he has ever had in the world

Thailand based Food and travel blogger Mark Wiens, best known for his blog Migrationology completed his 16 days visit to Pakistan and has released the fifth episode of his journey.

In the latest episode, Mark is seen headed towards Peshawar after completing a short stay in Islamabad.

On his way to Peshawar, Mark stopped by to try Chapli Kebab from Mardan and it completely blew him away. The signature Marrow chapli kebab of Mardan had completely surprised the food blogger.

He described the chapli kebab as hands down one of the best kebabs he has ever had in the world.

Okay…Hands down that’s┬áthe greatest kebab I’ve ever had. That’s actually borderline, like beyond belief. I’m in disbelief… I think I have reached the all-time high of a culinary feat – Mark

Ultimate Chapli Kebabs in Pakistan!

Ultimate CHAPLI KEBABS! | Extreme Pakistani Street Food in Mardan, Pakistan!Burgers will never be the same again after eating chapli kebabs!—Huge thank you to Ali from Pakistan Travel Mart for hosting us.Like Migrationology so you don't miss the next episode!

Geplaatst door Migrationology op Dinsdag 27 november 2018

Check out the full episode below where he also tried Mian Jee ki Daal and more chapli kebabs from another famous restaurant.

Mark Wiens is now headed to Peshawar where he will give the city a full tour before continuing further north.

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