KPK held its first ever drag race yesterday and it was beyond crazy

One of the first ever drag race events were held in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa yesterday at Peshawar, Regi Lalma. The event was organized in collaboration with KP Tourism Corporation and several private motor clubs.

The event attracted hundreds of racers from around Pakistan but only 70 male and females made it to the final race. The event was held to promote tourism and motorsports in Pakistan. And by the looks of it, it was a massively successful event.

The drag race had the following categories:

  • Category A: AWD Unlimited
  • Category B: RWD Unlimited
  • Category C: 2WD Turbo Max 4 Cylinder
  • Category D: AWD Turbo – Stock Turbo- 4 Cylinder
  • Category E: 1601cc Uptill Maximum 6 cylinders-Naturally Aspirated
  • Category F: 0 to 1600cc – Naturally Aspirated
  • Category G: 4WD SUV’s/ Trucks
  • Category H: Female (Any Vehicle)


Winners of KPK Drag Race 2018

Awards were distributed amongst the winners who completed the race in the quickest time. Here is the complete list of winners under their respective categories:

Category A

  • Jamal Uddin
  • followed by Mohsin

Category B

  • Sardar Hassan Saddiq
  • Saad
  • Shahab

Category C

  • Waqas
  • Junaid Qurashi
  • Bilal Jilani

Category D

  • Aamir Khan Durrani
  • Sher Khan
  • Sardar Hassan

Category E

  • Ch. Shahzeb
  • Maaz Tariq

Category F

  • Hamza Sarwar
  • Ghazanfar Agha

Category G

  • Rida Naveed
  • Asma Siddique and Anila