Here’s how you can learn new skills and earn money on the internet for free in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the biggest countries when it comes to freelancing. There are hundreds and thousands of people bringing home income through providing services on the internet. These people bring home billions of rupees.

To help people become freelancers, the government of Pakistan has started a new platform ‘‘ where you can learn new useful skills for free. You can train at digiskills under capable people in many different courses. The courses are set up in such a way that they help you start making money immediately after you have finished.

How does digiskills work?

It’s very simple. You sign up on digiskills with your account details and initials. Then you get enrolled in a course you desire and then start studying with the help of YouTube videos.

You are assessed with quizzes, exercises, and other activities during your course. Once you have submitted all your exercises, you can complete the course.

You are awarded a certificate for successfully completing a course. At the end of any course, you are able enough to start offering professional services to clients anywhere in the world.

What are the available courses?

Currently, you can enroll in the following courses with Digiskills.

  • Autocad
  • Freelancing
  • SEO (search engine optimization
  • Creative writing
  • Digital Literacy
  • Digital marketing
  • E-commerce management
  • Quickbooks
  • WordPress
  • Graphic design

This is a wonderful opportunity for you if you have a laptop with a decent internet connection. Freelancers are able to earn in thousands of dollars if they can really polish their skills.