Famous food blogger Mark Wiens just labeled Pakistani food the best he has ever had

Thailand based Food and travel blogger Mark Weins, best known for his blog Migrationology completed his 16 days visit to Pakistan and has released the first episode of his journey.

The first episode shows Mark and his buddy trying out some of the most famous street food of Lahore.

Mark recently came to Pakistan to compile his Pakistan travel guide. He is now sharing the top highlights of his 16-day trip through video episodes.

Get ready to meet some of the most hospitable people, see some of the most spectacular natural scenery, and eat some of the most incredibly delicious (and meaty) food. – Mark Wiens

Food Mark tried in Lahore

Mark made sure to visit some of the most famous tastemakers of Lahore including Butt Karahi, Siddique Fish Corner, Feeqa Lassi, and more. Here is a brief look at his journey in Lahore with the full episode followed below.

Sadiq Halwa Puri

Feeka Pera Lassi

Kulfi, and Channa Chat

Butt Karahi

Siddique Fish Corner

Khalifa Balochi Sajji

Khan Baba Restaurant

Full episode

Here is the full episode of Mark Wiens in Lahore. To follow his journey through Pakistan, make sure to visit his Facebook page for more.