Famous Dubai based restaurant ‘Maraheb’ is coming to Pakistan

Dubai and the whole of United Arab Emirates are like a second home to Pakistanis. We go there to work, stay, and have a good vacation. Whether we are in Dubai or elsewhere in the world, the first thing we try out is the food.

With so many Pakistanis in the UAE, we have naturally become fans of some of the restaurants exclusive to the UAE. After P.F Cheng’s opening in Lahore, which also came to Pakistan because of our love of the eatery in Dubai, another famous restaurant which is favorite amongst Pakistanis is headed our way.

For those of you who have been in and around Dubai, you have probably heard or even had multiple dinners/lunches at Maraheb restaurant. This Yemeni restaurant is known for its delicious meat dishes and is without any doubt very popular amongst Pakistanis.

Seeing how much we love Maraheb, the restaurant has finally decided to expand into Pakistan. The first of its many planned branches in Pakistan is about to open in Karachi’s Bahadurabad area, right next to Swenson’s Icecream parlor.

Maraheb is bringing its signature dishes such as Zorbian Meat, Madfon Meat, Mandi Meat, and a whole lot more. It will be a great addition to Pakistan’s already happening food scene.

Are you excited for Maraheb? The restaurant will be opening next month. For updates, don’t forget to join Maraheb Pakistan’s FB page.