CDA Islamabad left everyone impressed after they quickly cleaned garbage of a recent event

A beautiful event was held last week near the Kachnar Park of Islamabad which was attended by a large crowd of families and children. As much as the event was a fresher for the citizens of the city, the park became a victim of the same problem we see elsewhere.

As soon as the event ended, the park was littered with garbage beyond recognition. Heaps of plastic bags, snack packets, food items, and other things were thrown all over the place, just like the aftermath of an event in Pakistan.

In normal occasions, heaps of garbage remain there for days until someone voluntarily removes it. But this time around, Capital Development Authority left everyone impressed after the swarming garbage was cleaned and disposed of in a matter of hours.

This is quite a welcoming change and should be followed by other development and municipal authorities of the country. Garbage, when left alone for a long time not only destroys the beautification of the city but also promotes various diseases, especially if the waste is organic or chemical in nature.

We hope CDA will continue their quick response because the following month will witness many big events in the capital.