Believe it or not, this isn’t a real ‘Dhulhan’, it’s actually a cake

Emma Jayne, a cake designer based in the UK recently created a cake inspired by an Indian bride in an international cake collaboration. Her creation looks so real that people mistook it for an actual bride.

As soon as the pictures of the ‘Dhulhan’ cake emerged on social media, they spread like wildfire, confusing the viewers with its ultra-realistic details. If you’re not paying attention, for a second, it looks as if a real bride is sitting inside the make up room getting prepared for her big day.

It isn’t until you view the full picture you realize that it is but a cake.

I am in awe of the Opulence, beauty and detail of the Indian Bridal Gown, so it was a must to make an Indian bride. I searched for pictures with colours and detail that inspired me and on finding my subject could not wait to start creating my masterpiece. I fell in love with a mix of Ruby and Claret colours with Golds and Silver bridal jewellery which I knew the level of detail would inspire every minute of creating. Hand painted henna put the finishing touches which I love. – Emma Jayne

The cake is made with rice Krispy, Renshaw Belgian modelling chocolate paste Renshaw modelling paste, Rainbowdust progel colours , Gold and lustre dust powders. A few Preciosa crystals were applied for the finishing touch.

A few of her other creations

This isn’t the first time Emma has surprised people with her ultra realistic cakes. Have a look at her other creations.

Her cakes are definitely the most detailed we have seen. What do you think?