Another restaurant inside a plane has opened in Chitral

Remember how someone in Shangrila resort in Skardu turned a DC-3 Aircraft belonging to Orient Airways into a coffee shop? And how the Airport Security Forces (ASF) in Karachi turned a jumbo jet into a luxury restaurant?

If these two restaurants in aircraft weren’t enough to satisfy your adventurous needs, someone has just turned another phased out airplane into a restaurant in Chitral.

Meet the Friendship restaurant ‘Fokker’. Started on November 25th in Balach, Chitral is ready to serve you quality food at an affordable price. This time it is a PIA AP-ALN Fokker that has phased out and is parked outside the facility to serve as a restaurant. The owner acquired the aircraft after it was crash-landed a few years back.

There will be a part of the restaurant which will cater for young people on a tight budget and another part which will cater to families who want an outing in a peaceful secure and private surrounding.

In order not to congest the narrow Balach road a separate parking space has been taken on rent and signposted along with security arrangements.
The restaurant will remain open from 10 am to 10 pm to cater for lunches and dinners.

During winter months there will be at least three separate rooms, with adequate heating, besides open spaces. In the summer months, it will have much more space.
The restaurant has both western and well as eastern washrooms