United Bravo and Suzuki Mehran fans are fighting each other over ‘Build Quality’

Pakistan’s most anticipated vehicle, the United Bravo has finally launched a month ago.

Ever since the news of Bravo entering the Pakistani auto-market surfaced, people have been comparing it to Suzuki Mehran because of the car’s price range.

The Bravo costs RS. 850,000, putting it in direct competition with Suzuki Mehran VXR, which costs RS. 840,000. So naturally, people were divided on which car was better.

When it comes to overall features, United Bravo has without any doubt, more features than the Mehran.

Since Mehran has been in Pakistan for as long as anyone can remember, it has earned a reputation of its own and has a huge fan following, which has led to straight out social media war between the fans of Bravo.

Now someone posted a few pictures of United Bravo which clearly show the build quality of the car isn’t really a good sight to see. Have a look at it and see why it has become grounds for a new argument amongst Bravo and Mehran fans.

The pictures above were taken from a display model at one of United Motor’s showroom.

Whose side are you on?

While the United Bravo boasts a number of features that aren’t present in the Suzuki Mehran, the build quality of the car is questionable as seen from the pictures above.

This has divided the people of Pakistan once again and now everyone is arguing whether the Bravo is better than Mehran or not.