This company in Lahore has introduced ‘Milk ATM’ concept in Pakistan

Innovation and technology are taking Pakistan by a storm. With so many new startups popping up every day, a lot of them are introducing new concepts we never imagined would make it to Pakistan.

A milk company in Lahore, Mr. Farmer is just an example of a startup which is trying to innovate how milk is bought. The premium pasteurized milk retailer is setting up Milk ATMs across Lahore.

Just like any ATM, or rather more like a vending machine, the milk ATM requires you to put in some money, and in return provides you with a liter or more of milk.

One of the biggest benefits of this vending machine milk is that it is available 24/7.

Currently, the company is only operating and managing a couple of these machines with plans to expand later on.

If you want to try Mr. Farmer’s RoboCow, you can go to Rehmat Chowk Market, or in D3 Market Wapda Town, Lahore. The machine is still in its preliminary phase, so if you don’t find any milk inside, or it isn’t working as intended, don’t be disappointed!