This beverage company in Pakistan rejected a ‘job seeker’ with a sweet gift

Getting a job in Pakistan is tough. Whether it is a full-time employment, an intern program, or a trainee program, thousands of Pakistanis apply for any given job opportunity. Thus, the rejection rates are often high too.

Getting your application rejected isn’t entirely a positive experience, it can break your motivation and make you feel hopeless.

But when this young job seeker applied for a position of trainee manager at Coca-Cola Pakistan and ultimately got rejected, he didn’t expect what was coming next.

With the rejection letter from Coca-Cola, came a surprise package which contained 12 cans of Coke for appreciation.

The letter may have given the bad news to the candidate, but there were many words of encouragement written down there as well. In fact, the letter even pushed the candidate to apply for another position in the future and his application would be welcomed every time he tried.

This is surprising to see something like this coming from a big beverage company in Pakistan. Big companies in this country aren’t exactly known for their kind rejection letters, in fact, in many cases, companies don’t even bother writing a rejection letter.

We need more companies like this in Pakistan who encourage the youth to never give up!

And ultimately, Pakistanis across social media were very happy with the attitude of Coca-Cola.