No this isn’t a car – This is an insanely customized Honda Bike from Islamabad

Ryders Islamabad, a luxury bike retailer in the capital has imported what you can easily call one of the most expensive customized bikes of Pakistan.

The fully customized 2014 Honda Gold Wing arrived recently in Islamabad and has customizations worth $22,010, which is nearly PKR 2,706,349. This is only the cost of customizations and does not include the cost of the bike which ranges from $9,999 – $21,999 in the international market.

The Honda Gold Wing is known throughout the world for being one of the best touring bikes out there. Since it is a mass production machine, it leaves a lot of room for individuals to modify/enhance the bike according to their preferences.

This is exactly what the folks at Ryders Islamabad did.

Here are the customizations made on the bike including their individual prices.

Prowler RT Trike Kit – 16000$
Cargo Trailor – 4500$.
Cobra Exhausts – 1600$
Custom Wind Shield – 250$
Custom Leather seats – 500$
Custom foot Boards – 300$
Rear Spoiler – 300$

The bike before customization

For those of you wondering how the original Honda Goldwing actually looks like, here are a couple of pictures of the stock model.

More About Honda Goldwing

The Honda Goldwing has been in production for over 4 decades now. This bike has gradually redefined the concept of what makes a perfect touring bike. The Gold Wing has to be the most refined and reliable touring bikes in the world.

The Goldwing is so popular in its category that other touring/huge motorcycles are often judged by the benchmark it has set.

The Goldwing has no equal when it comes to comfort, performance, refinement, and reliability. The large bike may look like it isn’t easy to handle but believe it or not, it is surprisingly swift and easy to handle thanks to its 4- or 6- cylinder horizontally-opposed engine layout and aerodynamic body coupled with other features.