One of the boarding bridges collapsed at New Islamabad Airport and people are questioning the build quality

A passenger boarding bridge at the New Islamabad International Airport collapsed today, injuring at least one person in its wake.

The bridge collapsed to a nearby parked Emirates airplane but fortunately enough, no damage was reported to the airplane.

The cause of the collapse has not yet been determined but people are already questioning the build quality of the airport which was constructed with a cost of over Rs. 100 billion.

How did the incident happen

According to reports, the incident took place when a Gulf Airline’s flight numbered GF771 heading towards Bahrain from Islamabad began to taxi. The plane was separated from the passenger boarding bridge causing it to collapse.

Whether this was an error on part of the pilot or the bridge operator, it is yet to be determined.

Bridge operator Mohammad Mudassir who was moving the bridge at the time suffered injuries from broken glass.

Gulf Air still managed to proceed their flight in a timely manner. The airport officials are now investigating the cause of the accident but people are already criticizing the authorities negligence.

The new Islamabad International Airport was inaugurated only a few months ago and has suffered a lot of hiccups and mismanagement but this incident was by far the biggest yet.