Martin Kobler tried Karachi Biryani for the first time and couldn’t believe something like this existed

Pakistan’s favorite German Ambassador is once again making rounds on social media. Martin Kobler recently visited Karachi and tried authentic Karachi style biryani for the first time today.

The German Envoy, who has become somewhat of a celebrity in the country was surprised to taste something this good. Up till now, he has only tried Biryani from Islamabad and Lahore, which are notoriously known to Karachites as ‘Pulao’ with Masala.

It all started when he posted a picture of himself enjoying a plate of Biryani in Lahore.

And once again: enjoying delicious Biryani at Biryani King in #Lahore. What a mix of spices! Great place to have a quick lunch!

The picture was later seen by Chief Minister of Karachi who invited Kobler over to visit the city and try the ‘real’ biryani.

After eating the biryani with CM Sindh, Kobler released a new tweet admitting that the biryani was ‘Very Very Delicious’. Here’s what the German Envoy wrote:

What a surprise! Just seen @CMSindhOfficial Murad Ali Shah in #Karachi. He has seen my tweet yday when I had biryani in #Lahore. What a nice gesture to invite me to taste karachi biryani. It was VERY VERY DELICIOUS! Mutton and chicken and tasty raita! Thanks CM! @presscmsindh

Soon afterward, as you would have expected, people from Lahore and Karachi started an all-out Karachi Vs. Lahore war.