Karachi police chief wants strict action taken against officers who ask ‘Nikkah’ proof from young couples

For years, stopping young couples on the road or in public spaces by Karachi police, and asking them for ‘Nikkah’ as a proof of their marriage has become a norm.

Couples are harassed and forced into showing ‘Nikkah’, and when they fail to do so, are threatened to be taken to jail unless the couple ends up paying a small ‘bribe’.

But this tradition may soon come to an end as the Karachi Police Chief, Dr. Amir Sheikh has announced to take strict action against officers who harass young couples for ‘Nikkah’ proof on roads and public spaces.

The chief wrote a letter today to the inspector-generals (DIGs) of at least three different zones in Karachi, asking them to take strict action against such officers.

The letter was written off after regular complains were received by the citizens where they said that policemen in mobiles and motorcycles stop couples and ask about their ‘Nikkah’ as a proof of their relationship.

The letter also mentioned that further strict action will be taken against officers who ask for marriage certificates from females.