Islamabad’s new eatery lets you ‘Build your own food’ using an app

Islamabad’s new restaurant ‘DIY Eatery’ perfectly combines food with technology. The new eatery aims to give you maximum customization when it comes to its menu.

The customization of your food takes place on an app where you decide what goes inside what you eat. Options from burgers, pasta, salads, steaks and more are available.

It all begins once you download the app from Play Store. You proceed to the DIY section of the app and start creating what you love. For us, we ended up building a burger worth RS. 1,392 with 1187 calories to be precise. Here’s how our burger was built.

Customization options for the burger we made included a bun, vegetables, patties, cheese, sauces, and toppings. We did a double beef patty which shot up the price and calories of the burger. Each item was individually priced with their own calories mentioned.

The best part was that we were even given the option to pick a name for our dish!

Once you are done customizing your food, you can order it for delivery, dine-in, or take away.

For those of you who do not like getting too much into customization, you can always order for pre-made stuff.

Location of DIY Eatery

The DIY Eatery is located just above Ginyaki and next to Roasters in F-7 Markaz. Use the map below to get there easily.