Islamabadis have just discovered years old ‘Floating Cafe’ and it has now become a major attraction

The floating cafe of Islamabad, situated in Rawal Lake has been around for many years – 6 years to be precise – but Islamabadis came to know of its existence just recently through Social media.

When photos of the cafe, known as ‘The Float’ went viral on Facebook just a few days back, it triggered a swarm of people trying to experience it firsthand.

The cafe itself is as simple as it comes – supporting a few chairs and tables in a rectangular space –  is currently a major attraction for the city and its residents.

The cafe can hold up to 12 people and has a dedicated kitchen on land which serves a variety of food items. Live BBQ option on the floating cafe is also offered.

Special arrangements for couples

Perhaps the best thing about the float is the special couples only package. You can book the entire cafe to yourself and your wife/partner on a special occasion.

The management decorates the cafe for free when you book it for a couple’s package. The two of you can have the boat to yourself for 2-4 hours depending on the package and arrangements you pick.

Location of ‘The Float’

The Float can be found at Rawal Lake, Islamabad. Here’s how to get there.