Important! Register your phone with PTA before it’s too late

As you may have already known, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has launched its DRIBS (Device Identification, Registration, and Blocking System). This system will start blocking all phones that are unregistered or smuggled, or made by an unknown company in Pakistan by 20th October.

So it is very important that you get your phone registered with PTA before the 20th of October if you wish to continue using your phone. This is especially true for people who received a smartphone as a gift from a relative from abroad.

Many phones from abroad are lost and stolen and their IMEI may not be registered with PTA. Any phone’s IMEI not registered will be blocked effectively from 20th Oct.

How to register your phone with PTA DIRBS

First of all, you’ll need to check whether your phone’s IMEI is compliant or not with PTA. To check whether it is, simply:

Send an SMS to 8484 with your IMEI number and you’ll get a message declaring the status of your phone. You should receive a confirmation from PTA declaring the IMEI compliant or not compliant.

Non-Compliant IMEI

If you receive a message saying your IMEI is non-compliant, simply insert all your registered SIMs in the phone and start using them before 20th OCT to keep using the phone. Call someone, send an SMS, get on the internet, just use the phone with your SIM inserted.

Valid IMEI but not in DIRB

If you get a message saying your IMEI is valid but not in DRS, simply make a call or SMS to anyone before the block date for auto registration.

You can also check whether your IMEI number is compliant or not by simply dialing #06#*.

You can also register your phone using PTA’s registration application or through their website.