Highlights from Pakistan’s first International MMA event in Lahore

Brave Combat Federation, one of the largest Mixed Martial Arts competition from Bahrain had its 17th event took place in Pakistan during the weekend. This was Pakistan’s first international MMA competition with fighters from 12 countries participating.

The event was held in Lahore and successfully attracted a large audience, making it a huge success. According to initial statistics, the BCF 17th event performed better than imagined.

The show’s main event was a fight between Rodrigo Cavalheiro (Brazil) vs. Abdoul Abdouraguimov (France).

Brave Combat Federation 17 results

For those of you who missed the event, here are the complete results.

Undercard results –

Match #1. Abbas Khan vs. Sikander Badar (Amateur Welterweight):

Result: Abbas Khan defeated Sikander Badar to pick up the win via TKO at 14 seconds of the 1st Round.

Match #2. Najam Khan vs. Mohammed Wasim (Welterweight):

Result: Najam Khan defeated Mohammed Wasim via Technical Submission (Ninja Choke). This is Najam Khan’s first professional victory.

Match #3. Haider Farman vs. Ariel Oliveros (Strawweight):

Next came the resident “Giant” Haider Farman to defend his home ground against Ariel Oliveros. By the time the first round is over, Haider looked better, but the second round started with a good takedown from Ariel. At the end of the day, nothing mattered, as with another Ninja Choke, Haider Farman picked up the win.

Result: Haider Farman defeated Ariel Oliveros via Technical Submission (Ninja Choke).

Match #4. John Brewin vs ‘The Butcher’ Ahmed Amir (Lightweight):

The fourth fight of the night was an exciting one. Ahmed Amir was consistent in his attempts at going for a submission. Unfortunately for him, Brewin was slick and quick on his feet when it counted.

Result: John Brewin defeated Ahmed Amir via TKO to stay and continue his undefeated run since becoming a professional.

Match #5. Yibugele vs. Zia Mashwani (Featherweight):

This fight was the most exciting of the undercard. It seemed like neither fighter could do any wrong and they were equally matched in their own opposite elements. While Yibugele dominated in the striking department, Mashwani was extremely dominant on the floor.

The fight only got more and more engrossing as it went on. A brilliant fight from both the contenders meant that they were able to put up brilliant performances. The tide changed in the third round, as Yibugele got the late Knockout, and that’s all he needed.

Result: Yibugele defeated Zia Mashwani via Knockout.

Main Card results –

#1. Aidan James vs. Frans Mlambo (Bantamweight): 

hile Frans Mlambo seemed like the obvious choice going into this fight, things turned out quite differently in reality, as they only can in Mixed Martial Arts.

Aidan James proved to the world that his first two professional wins were not him being lucky. Taking on a tried and tested fighter like Frans Mlambo, although he seemed shaky in the beginning, he managed to get the submission victory for his home country of Wales.

Result: Aidan James defeated Frans Mlambo via Submission.

#2. Mehmosh Raza vs. Arben Escayo (Featherweight):

In the second fight of the night, Mehmosh Raza made his home country proud by picking up a quick win over Arben Escayo. The fighter has since proved that he is worth the hype. He made his MMA record 9-2, as he defeated Escayo in the first round.

Result: Mehmosh Raza defeated Arben Escayo via Knockout.

#3. JP Buys vs. Gamzat Magomedov (Bantamweight):

JP Buys ended up with a win via Disqualification because of his opponent. The result of the fight spoilt the mood of the fight, as Magomedov had to be disqualified after fouls committed despite repeated warnings.

Result: JP Buys wins via Disqualification in his Brave debut.

#4. Jeremy Pacatiw vs. Uloomi Karim (Bantamweight):

The first fight of the night to go all the way, Jeremy Pacatiw took on Uloomi Karim in a one-sided bout. Pacatiw was ahead of Karim at every turn and at every point of the fight.

Karim did not look like he had a hope of getting the win, and that’s exactly what happened as he lost to Pacatiw, leaving the home crowd feeling down after a night of otherwise Pakistani victories.

Result: Jeremy Pacatiw defeated Uloomi Karim via Unanimous Decision.

#5. Rodrigo Cavalheiro vs. Abdoul Abdouraguimov (Welterweight):

The final fight of the night took place between the Brazilain Rodrigo Cavalheiro and the French Abdoul Abdouraguimov. Abdouraguimov proved to be the fighter who no one saw winning, but that’s exactly what he did. Taking on the more experienced Rodrigo, he continued his unbeaten run. He is now 9-0, and could UFC be coming to call soon?

Result: Abdoul Abdouraguimov defeated Rodrigo Cavalheiro via Unanimous Decision