Cinepax launches Pakistan’s first Kids screen in Lahore

The number of cinema-goers in Pakistan is steadily increasing with more and more cinemas opening across the country.

However, nearly every cinema opened in Pakistan caters to the needs of adults only while ignoring children and teens, a demographic that makes up a large audience in itself.

Cinepax cinema is about to change that. The company has just launched Pakistan’s first cinema screen specifically designed for kids, parents and their needs in the Packages Mall, Lahore.

The launch of this special screen will help parents bring their young children to the cinema without the worry of disturbing adult cinema-goers. Children often get quite excited during movies and are often blamed for creating unnecessary noise during movies.

The cinema hall also has a family sofa bed, dory bean bags, curve lounge, and normal cinema seats for everyone. The kids will also be allowed to run free, talk out loud, and enjoy as much as they want in this special hall.

To make sure the kids stay safe in the hall, the lights will also be kept on at all times.

Before the film starts, kids will be able to enjoy spending time coloring and drawing on books in the kid’s lounge.