After Huawei, OPPO caught red handed cheating on performance benchmarks

Oppo has become another big name in the list of phone manufacturers who have been caught red-handed cheating on benchmark reports. Earlier this month, Huawei was caught doing the same.

OPPO was caught cheating when a tech blog Tech2 released a detailed report on how the phone manufacturer was tweaking performance while tested on 3DMark.

After their detailed report, which can be read here, UL Benchmarks, the company behind 3DMark did their own research and found out that Oppo was indeed cheating.

Ever since the Oppo’s flagship Find X and Oppo F7 phones have both been removed from 3DMark benchmark rankings. This is a huge blow to Oppo since their flagship phone was on the fourth spot as far as the performance of flagship phones go.


OPPO gives an unclear answer

After the whole episode, OPPO released an official statement. But nowhere in the statement did the phone manufacturer clearly admitted that they were artificially increasing performance on benchmark apps.

Instead, OPPO gave a very unreasonable justification in which they said the phone automatically jacks performance when it detects apps that require more performance. This is especially true for video games.

But the report released by Tech2 clearly shows that Oppo phones were boosting performance for particular benchmark apps.

The phone manufacturer has said that it will upgrade the system on the phones but never said that it will stop cheating.