100s of rats discovered in animal cages of Islamabad Zoo

Islamabad Zoo (murghuzar zoo) has been around in the capital for as long as its citizens can remember. When there were very little places to visit in the city, the zoo was one of the busiest and most loved places to visit.

Ever since Islamabad grew, new spots opened for families such as the lake view park, damneh koh, monal, and more. Now the zoo is often only on the list of people who have children.

As time passed, the zoo in the capital city has suffered a lot of wear and tear. Even the management these days don’t seem interested in keeping the animals in check. The standards have deteriorated quite a bit.

As a result, someone who was visiting the zoo with their children was surprised to come across a sight that would really scare you off. The visitor of the zoo found hundreds of rats in one of the bird cages of the zoo.

The rats were feeding on the water and food left for the poor animals. According to the visitors of the zoo, the rats also came out of the cage and scared quite a few people in the process.

When the management was asked about this, they just blamed the authorities for not allocating enough funds to the zoo management. It is very sad to see that the only zoo in the capital is in such a pathetic state.