Toyota is bringing the Vios to Pakistan and killing the Corolla GLi

Toyota Indus Motor Company has announced that they are bringing the Toyota Vios to Pakistan by killing off the Corolla GLi in the country.

Previously the company had decided to not discontinue to the Toyota Corolla GLi because the brand remained the most popular in Pakistan. But at the same time, the company was looking to bring either Yaris or Vios variants in the market.

The decision has finally been made and the company is now ditching Yaris and GLi in favor of the Vios. But don’t expect the Vios to launch in the Pakistani market any time soon. According to sources, the car will be launched in Pakistan at the end of next year.

More about Toyota Vios

For those of you familiar with the Toyota Belta, the Vios should sound like a very familiar car. This 4 door subcompact sedan shares a lot of its features with the Toyota Yaris and the Toyota Belta with some minor differences.

The car was introduced in 2002 by Toyota as a replacement to the Tercel which was a popular car in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

In 2005 the company expanded the reach of the car and brought in the Yaris variant which was the same car but with a hatchback for other markets in the Asia Pacific.

Currently, in its third generation, the car supports a 1.3 L 4NR-FE petrol engine with transmissions ranging from 5 speed to 7 speed in both automatic and manual forms.

It is not clear at what price point the car will be sold in Pakistan. But since it is replacing the Toyota Corolla GLi, expect the car to be in the same price range.

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