This photographer asks common people ‘to smile’ and the results are wonderful

It is said that ‘nothing you wear is more important than your smile’. A smile is a key that fits the lock of everybody’s heart and it is the symbol of friendship and peace.

A lot of us often do not smile for the most part of our day, even when we are out and about meeting people. But when we do actually smile, it changes the way others see us. It helps us appear friendlier and beautiful.

A photographer of Indian/Australian heritage has set out to prove how powerful a smile can be and how it can change our appearances.

He photographs people and asks them to simply smile showing the before and after effects of a smile. See how much of a difference a smile can make for yourself.

More about Jay Weinstein

Jay is an India/Australia based, Hindi-speaking photographer and travel guide is best known for the …so I asked them to smile project.

At the age of 3, he moved to India. With his schoolteacher parents, he spent the next 12 years living in Vrindavan, a historic town filled with temples and monkeys, two hours south of Delhi. His family traveled often, and Jay found himself in an unending river of language, food, culture, and art.

At 15, his family moved back to Australia to facilitate his secondary education. Though Jay thought he was done with India, he ended up returning year after year, drawn by her overpowering, vibrant, chaotic cadence. His passion for photography began on these trips.

His current project ‘…so I asked them to smile’ originated, towards the end of 2013 in Bikaner, Rajasthan, while on one of these adventures.

Jay brings to his work a unique charm and an eye for hidden beauty. Through the easy rapport he builds with his subjects, he creates unforgettable images that transport one to the heart of India and its people.

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Here’s to hoping that he will one day come to Pakistan to capture the beautiful smiles of its people.