This couple ditched a flashy photoshoot in favor of simple village themed shoot

Khansa Maqbool and Umair Ajmal traveled all the way from Australia for their Nikkah ceremony in Pakistan. The two had their Nikkah in Bhera, the village of the bride instead of throwing a huge party like event in one of the major cities of Pakistan.

What’s even better is that the two proudly belong to the villages of Bhera and Sahiwal and decided to make their wedding memorable by taking their couple shoot within the village.

Nowadays, marriages and wedding ceremonies in Pakistan have become quite flashy where every couple and their family throw a huge party and spend money on unnecessary things just to impress and win the hearts of their guests.

The photoshoots these days are just as much as flashy as the weddings themselves. Couples now want a cinema style movie shot for their wedding with Bollywood music in the background. The cost of photoshoots and videography have also skyrocketed reaching as high as 3 Lakhs per day.

Although Khansa Maqbool and Umair Ajmal’s Nikkah ceremony and the photoshoot was simple and fun, just like the village life in Pakistan, the two still had the time of their life.

The couple wants to send a message to others out there to embrace village life. They believe there is nothing wrong if you belong to a village in Pakistan and everyone should feel proud of it instead of being ashamed.

Via Tribune