This 4 year old Pakistani-American model is the youngest to feature in over 50+ commercial shoots

Pakistan is a land of talent, beauty and a whole lot of surprises. Recently, pictures of a 4-year-old girl wearing various attires and looking super cute went viral on social media around the world.

This little girl is none other than Pakistani-American model Miah Dhanani.

The 4-year-old model/actor is already making herself a big name by getting featured on many magazines and commercial shoots including brands like Maria B. from Pakistan.

Even though Miah has been modeling for well over a year, she has already made a huge fan following on her social media accounts. Her Instagram is particularly quite popular amongst different parts of the world.

She has already been featured in more than 20 magazines and has modeled for 25+ shops and commercials.

Miah also recently walked on the ramp of esteemed New York Fashion Week for a noble cause. This is a first for anyone at her age.

Speaking to the press, Miah said that she would one day like to walk the biggest ramp in the world and act in films with some of her favorite actors which include none other than Salman Khan.

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