These ‘Gourmet’ motorcycles are not made by Gourmet Foods

Gourmet has been making headlines for the past couple of months. First, their branded water came under fire for not being safe for consumption, then the food giant surprised everyone by opening a news channel.

But then the biggest shocker came when Gourmet hired Hamid Mir as the president of their news channel.

Now a few pictures of motorcycles branded with the Gourmet name are circulating on WhatsApp making people believe that Gourmet is now making motorcycles.

The company has however denied producing motorcycles. A spokesperson from the company has revealed the truth and was told that the pictures of motorcycles with the Gourmet brand are in fact made by United Motorcycles.

Gourmet had placed an order with United Motorcycles to make Gourmet branded bikes because the company’s employees will be using them for delivery and other needs.

So if you were made to believe Gourmet is now making motorcycles, here is your proof.

More about gourmet

Gourmet is one of the largest bakery chains in the country. The company started out 27 years ago and made itself a foothold in Lahore with their bakeries.

The company now has over 100 branches of their bakeries spread across Lahore alone along with restaurants, supermarkets and a news channel.

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