The Sindh Governor house will be open for public tomorrow and here is how it looks from the inside

The Governor’s House is the official residence of the governor of Sindh and is located along the Aiwan-e-Sadar Road of Karachi.

The historical building was built in 1939 and since then has been the residence of several prominent figures including pre-independence British governors of Sindh followed by the Governors-General of Pakistan, the President of Pakistan and the present day governors.

Inside the Governor’s house are some very rare artifacts from the history of Pakistan and pre-independence era. Unfortunately, people of Pakistan were not allowed to visit the Governor’s house to see these rare artifacts firsthand.

Starting tomorrow, this will change forever. The newly elected Governor of Sindh has announced that the Sindh Governor House will now be open for the public starting September 7th. Here is a brief look at what you will be able to see inside the historical building.

The general public will be able to walk inside the building from Gate 1 of the house free of cost as long as they can show their National Identity Cards. The government is already planning to open free guided tours for school children with pre-booked paid tours to start on weekends.

The opening of the Sindh Governor House to the general public will bring in two huge benefits; first, school children will be able to see rare artifacts displayed in the house firsthand and learn more about their history.

Secondly, it will also open up a new place for tourists to see who are visiting Karachi.

Location of Sindh Governor House

If you want to see what’s inside the Sindh Governor House firsthand, you can visit it easily using the map below.