Suzuki decides to officially end Mehran VX and VXR from April 2019

Around two months ago, Suzuki officially announced that they were discontinuing Mehran VX model from Pakistan. The notification failed to mention the faith of the other variant of Mehran which is VXR and comes with an air conditioner.

Last night, however, Pak Suzuki released another official statement that has confirmed both models of Mehran are getting shelved starting from April 2019.

The notification was issued to all the dealers of Suzuki vehicles in Pakistan and urged them to produce spare parts according to the last models being produced.

According to the notification, Suzuki will produce 23,821 models of Mehran after completely stopping production in the country. Here is the official notification issued by Suzuki.

Management of PSMCL (Pak Suzuki Motor Company Limited) has decided to discontinue Model SB-308 (Mehran) from April 2019 – Pak Suzuki

Altnernatives are on the way

The announcement of Mehran going away had many people disappointed because it was the only vehicle in Pakistan that could be bought for under 10 lakh rupees.

However, the good news is that alternatives in the same price range are going to soon arrive in the auto market of Pakistan with better features.

One of the biggest and most popular Mehran alternatives which are nearing its launch is the United Bravo.

Apart from the Bravo, Kia, Renault, and Hyundai are also eyeing this price category with new vehicles of their own.

Even Suzuki is planning to replace its Mehran variants with the Suzuki Alto vehicles which it plans to sell in the same price category as Mehran.