Lost/stolen packages being sold at Sunday Bazaar in Islamabad do not belong to Pakistan Post

The packages are lost/stolen from China and are addressed to various countries excluding Pakistan

A picture of a man sitting next to post packages went viral on the internet last night. Apparently, this man is selling lost/stolen packages for Rs.200 each.

After the picture went viral, there was a huge uproar against Pakistan Post because, with the picture, the caption read that these packages were all undelivered packages from Pakistan Post.

Contrary to popular belief, none of these packages have actually been handled by Pakistan Post. An anonymous person went to the Sunday Bazaar shop today to confirm and have found out that each and every package is addressed to foreign countries and none of the packages had a Pakistani address.

It is believed that these packages are being stolen from a Chinese warehouse and are being shipped to other countries like Pakistan to be sold off without being opened.

What comes out of them is completely dependant on the luck of the buyer. In Sunday Bazaar, these packages are currently being sold for Rs. 200 only in a shop handled by Zeeshan Saleem.

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