Heritage museum opens in Laspur Valley, Chitral and here’s what you can see inside

For those of you who haven’t been to Chitral this year, a new heritage museum was opened in Harchin Village, Laspur Valley in Upper Chitral. The museum has been developed with help of Swiss Development Corporation (SDC) and Agha Khan Rural Support Program (AKRSP).

The museum has a vast collection of historical artifacts collected by Amirulla Yaftali who is considered one of the best polo players from Laspur Polo team.

His collection displayed at the museum is of great historical significance. The collection includes his polo gear, weaponry, tools, musical instruments, pottery, and many other household items and devices.

The collection of Yaftali took many decades to compile and some of the items contained in it include items from the 11th century. The museum serves as a platform for the local community to showcase their stories through historical artifacts and as well as tell the story of their cultural landscapes.

All the artifacts in the museum are properly categorized, tagged, and named for visitors to see and familiarize with. In fact, the collection displayed at the museum was under close supervision from Amirullah Yaftali.

Next time you are in Chitral, make sure to visit this museum to bolster your knowledge of the region.