E-Challan System has been launched in Lahore

The E-Challan system that launched in Islamabad a few months ago has now successfully launched in Lahore. The system went live today after it went through a trial phase.

The system works in a very similar manner in which the Islamabad e-challan system works. A CCTV camera installed near signals and on various roads of Lahore constantly watch for traffic violations.

As soon as someone is caught violating a traffic law, the camera takes a picture of the car number plate and then a challan is made and sent to the offender through courier at their home address.

Furthermore, the e-challan system will keep a record of all traffic violations. If someone is found breaking traffic laws, again and again, the Punjab Police will take necessary action like locking their vehicle done. If the challan is not cleared, the police even have the authority to confiscate vehicles.

From now on, if you do not stop behind the white lines on the road on every intersection if signals, you will be violating a traffic law and a challan will be sent to your door.