Domino’s starts delivering Pizza through drones in Pakistan

Have you had the drone delivery experience yet?

For the last couple of weeks, Domino’s Pizza was teasing a new kind of delivery method on its social media page. The company also held a little competition where the winner would be the first one to experience the delivery system.

Domino’s revealed today that it has started delivering its pizzas through drones. The first pizza was delivered to a customer who was the winner of their competition and now the delivery system is available in select branches of select cities in Pakistan.

This is the first time any pizza company in Pakistan has attempted a drone delivery, thus it has quickly become the talk of the town.


Drone Delivery

Keep your passports ready as we take off into the unknown. If you spot a drone flying around in your neighborhood, please don't try to take it down, it could be someone's lunch!#Dominos #DroneDelivery #GreatnessFromDominos

Geplaatst door Domino's Pizza op Zaterdag 8 september 2018

How does the delivery system work

Domino’s Pizza is using a limited range drone intended for home use. This means that the drone doesn’t actually fly from the branch to your home. Instead, a rider parks near your home and operates the drone from a distance which delivers the pizza to your home.

The Domino’s pizza drone delivery is purely for the amusement of customers. You can surprise your friends and family with this unique method of delivery. Unfortunately, Domino’s has still not made clear which cities the drone is operating.

You can call on their UAN number to ask if a drone delivery can be placed for your order.

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