CDA literally starts destroying illegal buildings including McDonald’s in Islamabad

Capital Development Authority’s anti-encroachment drive against illegal encroachments and buildings has been going on for well over a year. But most of the time the authority in the past has acted against encroachments that belonged to poor fellows on the capital.

But things seem to have changed as the capital’s supreme authority is now taking on the big guns in the city. The CDA launched a grand anti-encroachment drive against illegal buildings constructed along the Kashmir Highway.

The CDA along with ICT Administration and ICT Police is bringing down big buildings constructed alongside the Kashmir Highway which they claim are illegally constructed.

The action against these buildings saw at least one big marquee in the area being taken down by the authority using a large construction vehicle. The illegally constructed McDonald’s right next to a petrol pump has also been brought down by the authority.

According to CDA, notifications of illegal construction were sent to the owners of these buildings who were required to vacate and demolish these buildings.

CDA took action because the owners refused to take any action.