According to weather experts, this is when Winter in Pakistan will begin in 2018

The winds in the Northern Hemisphere have already shifted on the cooler side and much of Northern Pakistan has already started experiencing cooler than usual nights.

According to the National Weather Forecasting Center, Monsoon airmass has already retreated from Pakistan and the Western disturbances are gradually extending towards southern Pakistan.

The cooler nights you are experiencing especially if you are in Islamabad or further North is due to snowfall in the Neelum Valley of Azad Kashmir, Kalam Valley of Swat and various parts of the FATA region.

The snow is contributing to cooler winds and thus winter may arrive sooner than you think. According to the metrological department of Pakistan, true snowfall season is expected to begin anywhere from mid/end of October which will further help in a drop of temperature in Northern Hemisphere of the country.

Pakistan winter 2018 starting date

For people leaving in the Southern Hemisphere, especially in the Punjab region, winter is expected to start from December 22nd and will last until 21st March 2019. Drops in temperature will start from mid/end of October.

For the Northern Hemisphere, especially cities like Islamabad and Peshawar can expect proper winter to start from the mid of November.

Are you excited for this year’s winter season?