100s of Islamabadis are going out to support this woman and her children selling ‘Aloo Parathas’

A woman and her kids recently appeared in front of Islamabad’s D Watson in Blue Area to sell ‘Aloo Parathas’. Just a couple of days ago, a member from a popular local group of Islamabad posted her picture and urged Islamabadis to come out in support of her.

Ever since the photos were posted, the lady and her children with their small setup have gone viral all over social media. This triggered hundreds of Islamabadis to come out in support for her.

Numerous Islamabadis were seen visiting the stall in the last two days to buy ‘Aloo Parathas’ from the lady and her children, giving as much support as possible to the family as they try to earn bread.

A group member who visited the stall last night explained the lady to be the most humble, polite and apologetic person they had come across. At that time, most of her dough, potatoes and other material to make parathas were finished.

The lady revealed that she saw a sudden rush of people coming to her stall for parathas and that she ran out of material. Being unable to serve parathas to the customer, she kept apologizing and asked them to return next day.

She is being widely appreciated for being a very hardworking and simple woman trying to make ends meet for her family.

The Aloo Parathas are also being called extremely delicious and worth trying. If you want to try the family’s Aloo Parathas and support them at the same time, head over to D Watson Blue Area.

Location of D Watson Blue Area