You can now shop for goats, cattle, camels and other sacrificial animals on the internet

With Eid-Ul-Azha only a couple of weeks away, people are rushing to their local mandis to buy a sacrificial animal for Qurbani. While a lot of people have already bought an animal, there is a significant number of people still waiting for the right time to arrive.

With the hot weather in Pakistan, an increasing number of people do not go to cattle farms or mandi to shop for animals. There is another factor of the ‘rush’ in such mandis that makes it even harder to shop for an animal during these times.

At times like these, a lot of people now resort to ‘sharing’ by giving a certain amount to their nearest mosque for Qurbani. If you are someone who can’t find the time to buy sacrificial animals from a mandi, or you just don’t like the swarm of people or the searching for animals for hours in this scorching heat, the internet may save you.

E-commerce has come so far in Pakistan that now several small and big websites have popped on the internet allowing you to shop for goats, camels, cattle, and much more from the comfort of your home.

For example, is one such website that has a huge listing of animals available for purchase. You can view the pictures of the animals, their weight, their kind and other things and then make a decision.

How does it work

Once you order your sacrificial animal on the internet, you can either get it delivered to your home or go to one of the shop locations to pick up your animals.

You can also order slaughtering on animals on the internet where the website will get your animal slaughtered in their slaughterhouse and will then give you the meat.

Check, Qurbanipro, and online cattle market for more information.