Viral sensation painter/singer Arif finally got a chance to perform in front of live audience

Muhammad Arif recently went viral on Social Media for his sensational and moving voice. Video of him singing while painting got attention from not just Pakistanis, but people from around the world appreciated his natural talent.

Just a few days after his video went viral, Arif was appreciated by the industry and common people alike. His popularity skyrocketed to an extent that he was invited on a local news channel for a live interview.

Soon news of him performing live in front of an audience with Aima Baig started making headlines on the internet. Arif was supposed to perform alongside Aima at a concert on the 14th of August.

Even though he didn’t perform alongside Aima, but he did indeed open the show for the singer with almost a 14-minutes long performance singing various songs.

Muhammad Arif’s makeover by Nabila

Before going live for his first ever public performance, Arif was prepared by Nabila’s saloon. Check out his makeover.

The original video of Muhammad Arif

For those of you who are unaware of Muhammad Arif, this is the viral video that made him popular.