This restaurant in Karachi feels like it came right out of a Batman movie

This new restaurant in Karachi is so good looking that it feels like it has been ripped apart from a Batman movie.

While the restaurant doesn’t have any direct relation with the Batman universe, the architectural work definitely seems inspired by the interior and exterior architecture of Gotham city.

Since Gotham city is a fictional city based in the state of New Jersy and has a look and atmosphere influenced by cities such as New York City and Chicago, you’ll definitely feel some Gotham City vibes when you enter the restaurant.

Check out the pictures of the completed interior design of the Paramount restaurant in Karachi by Coalesce Design Studio.

The only problem with the restaurant is that it only serves Middle Eastern Cuisine. If only the food was synonymous with its interior design, this restaurant could have been a complete package for those who love Chicago style architecture and food.

Location of Paramount Restaurant Karachi

For those of you living in Karachi wanting to experience this first hand, you can visit the restaurant at Block A Sindhi Muslim CHS (SMCHS), Karachi. Use the Google maps below to get there easily.