This Pakistani production house is making a Harry Potter Fan film with desi wizards

Harry Potter has a huge fan following all over the world and Pakistanis are not behind anyone else. We already have a Harry Potter themed cafe in the capital city and plenty of merchandise available for die-hard fans.

But this production house from Lahore is taking their love for Harry Potter to a whole new level by making a Harry Potter fan-film. The film titled ‘Harry Potter – The Resurrection of Voldemort’ is already under production with a release slated this year.

The trailer of the film will be released soon too. If released, this will be the first ever Pakistani Harry Potter fan-made film ever.

The plot of the film hasn’t been revealed yet but it will be set after the events of the Harry Potter books and movies. The movie will hint at some major events from the original films and will also mention major characters.

The film will be a non-profit, non-commercial project that is intended to only entertain Potter fans in Pakistan.

Actors in the film

The film will starr rising local talent as well as some professionals from the Pakistani television industry. As far as we know, the film will include Umar Darr from ARY Digital’s ‘Lashkara’, Sheikh Mubashir of Hum TV’s ‘Dar Si Jati Hai Sila’, and Jazib Akram.

The trailer of the film has already been shown at a private event and will now be released for public viewing in early September.

Once released, you will be able to see the film on the YouTube channel of Khyaali Productions who is behind the film. To find out more about the fan-made Harry Potter Pakistani film, make sure to follow Khayaali Productions on Facebook.

More About Khayaali Productions

Khayaali Productions is a Lahore based production house that creates short films, music videos, adverts and more. It was founded in 2015 by talented young Pakistanis.

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