The first International Karakoram Marathon 2018 has ended and here are the winners

The first International Karakoram Marathon which featured 35 international marathon runners from 24 countries has ended and the list of winners have been announced.

The Marathon was organized by Pakistan Air Force in collaboration with Serena Hotels and International Travel Company Z Adventures.

The Marathon was held at 11,300 feet above the sea level in the beautiful Naltar Valley Gilgit.

The race featured 4 categories of 42 km and 21 km each separately for male and females.

The race started from the top of the ski hill at 11,300 feet above sea-level. Athletes ran down 6.2 km downhill to the base of the mountain. The path was wide enough for vehicles and extremely safe.

Once they arrived at the base of the hill, runners followed the beautiful 4 km trail path through meadows, forests, suspension bridges and were cheered on by school kids and friendly locals. Athletes also ran the 4 km loop 9 times to complete the marathon distance.

Winners of Karakoram Marathon 2018

Here are the winners of the Marathon in 4 categories.

42 km male category
1st position Aslam Khan from Ghizar, Gilgit
2nd position Ishaq Khan from Naltar
3rd position Ubaid ur Rehman from Gilgit

42km female category
1st Caroline Drew U.K
2nd Heather Lee Canada
3rd Edit Kis Hungary

21 km male category
1st Shahid Ali
2nd Adnan Khan
3rd Nazar Shah

21 km female category
1st Nadia Raheem
2nd Kokab Sarwar
3rd Sobia Ali