Someone in Islamabad just converted their foxy into a ‘Beetle Trike’

Customizing your vehicle to something better, more powerful, or straight up bizarre has become a favorite past time activity for quite a few Pakistanis these days.

We’ve seen some pretty impressive custom projects in the recent past including turning a CD 70cc into a cafe racer, and giving Toyota Celica 2000 a Ferrari F430 makeover, Pakistanis sure know how to get creative with their vehicles.

Now a garage in Islamabad has combined the iconic beetle a.k.a Foxy and a motorized tricycle to create Pakistan’s first ‘Beetle Trike’ customized vehicle.

This ‘Beetle trike’ uses the body of an old Foxy and the bike from United tricycle carrier. The bike has also been completely modified to give it a cool new look. Check out the results yourself.

What is a ‘Beetle Trike’

A beetle trike is exactly what the name suggests. It has half the body of a beetle combined with any kind of motorized tricycle.

The concept is pretty much the same as with any motorized tricycle which is also known as a three-wheeled motorcycle. The technology is based on the same technology as a bicycle or motorcycle and is powered by an electric motor, motorcycle, scooter or even car engine.

If you want to see more of the ‘Beetle Trike’, make sure you follow Rao’s Custom, the garage responsible for the custom job.