Singapore’s biggest online store ‘Ezbuy’ has officially launched in Pakistan

Singapore’s biggest online store ‘Ezbuy’ has just launched its operations in Pakistan. Ezbuy is aiming to provide you with the same shopping experience as China’s Aliexpress.

With a wide range of products ranging from home products, clothing, accessories, electronics, cell phones and much more, Ezbuy is easily one of the biggest platforms for online shopping in Pakistan as of now.

The online store has more than 3 million products making it bigger than Pakistan’s which has 1.5 million products right now.

But Ezbuy does not work like entirely. It is quite similar to Aliexpress. If you are not familiar with the Chinese e-commerce giant, you need to understand that Ezbuy is a global platform.

In simple words, all products listed on the website belong to various sellers across different countries where Ezbuy operates. Once you place an order on the site, your product is actually shipped from either Singapore, China or any other country participating on the site.

With Ezbuy now available officially in Pakistan, even Pakistani sellers can set up a shop on the store and start selling their products on a global level.

Ezbuy currently operates in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan. But products from their site are sent all over the world including the USA, United Kingdom and other countries of the world.

More about Ezbuy

EZbuy was founded in 2010 by a group of aspiring entrepreneurs having a single mindset to bring quality products in a convenient way to Singaporeans via the ezbuy platform. They have brought millions of products globally to the doorstep of their customers from around the world.
Ever since EZBuy was interviewed and introduced on Channel U Singapore news in 2011, it has been broadly accepted by Singapore customers and become the largest overseas shopping platform in Singapore.
EZBuy expanded into Malaysia with a custom-built office and warehouse facility. 2015 and 2016 saw expansion into Indonesia and Thailand making ezbuy the largest cross-border aggregator of merchandise in SE Asia by 2017.
Pakistan will be the fifth market for expansion and our vision is aligned to provide customers with the best of shopping experience along OBOR (One belt one road) as well as develop local suppliers.
Their aim is to serve and delight the Pakistani customer through various offerings and service. The company strives towards service excellence while keeping their focus on local demands to remain relevant to customers. 
One of the key aims is also to develop local sources of great products in Pakistan for international growth. That will help Pakistan to where it has been traditionally strong.
You decide which product and the website will do the rest, including taking care of sourcing, procurement, logistics, international shipping, clearance at port and delivery to your preferred address.