Pakistan football team wins in Asian Games after 44 years against Nepal

Nepal is ranked 161 while Pakistan is 201 in Fifa world rankings

Pakistan Football team has just bagged their first victory in Asian Games after a long 44 years. The team defeated their opponents Nepal which has a stronger overall ranking in the world by 2-1 in the last match of their group.

The start of the match wasn’t looking good for the Pakistani side when they scored their own-goal in the 12th minute. But after the first half, Pakistan was mostly dominant in the second half.

Muhammad Bilal scored the first goal for team Pakistan in the 54th minute while Saddam Hussain scored the second goal via plenty in the 72nd minute, sealing the victory for the team.

Pakistan’s victory against Nepal means that they will now play in the knock-out round.

Pakistan football team has only won three matches at the Asian Games Football event in history. The first two matches won by Pakistan were in 1954 and 1974 against the Philippines and Iran respectively.

Pakistan 2-1 Nepal Asian Games 2018

This is how we celebrate the first win in the Asian Games since 44 years. Congratulations!

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HISTORIC MOMENT!!! Pakistan football team won their first Asian Games match after nearly 44 years??

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How good was Pakistan’s opponent Nepal

Pakistan’s opponent was slightly a stronger side if the statistics are seen. Here is a comparison of Nepal and Pakistan statistics throughout the team’s careers:

International wins

  • Pakistan – 53 wins, 38 draws, 151 loss
  • Nepal – 51 wins, 35 draws, 123 loss

Fifa World Ranking

  • Pakistan – 201
  • Nepal – 161

Asian Games wins

  • Pakistan – 2
  • Nepal – 0

Fifa World Cup

Both teams have never qualified for Fifa World Cup

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