Makers of legendary ‘AK-47’ rifles ‘Kalashnikov’ will now also make electric cars and motorcycles

The Russian weapons manufacturer that created the iconic ‘AK-47’ rifle is now entering the electric vehicles industry. Kalashnikov, known best for its weapons and military equipment unveiled three electric vehicles last week.

Kalashnikov wants to compete with Elon Musk’s Tesla by producing better vehicles in terms of performance and design. But have they really got what it takes to compete against Tesla? Let’s have a look at what Kalashnikov has to offer.

The UM-1 and SM-1 electric motorcycles

Out of the three vehicles shown by Kalashnikov includes two motorcycles UM-1 and SM-1. The motorcycles come complete with long travel suspension, knobbly tyers and bash plates and smatterings for crash protection, indicating that the bikes are intended to be used on rough terrain.

Although the details on the two bikes are still undercover, the UM-1 or better known as the Urban Moto is capable of speeding up to 100 km/h with a range of 150 km before it runs out of battery.

The SM-1, on the other hand, looks like a military bike that can produce a top speed of 90 km/h with the same battery life of the UM-1.

Kalashnikov CV-1 electric car

Apart from the motorcycles above, Kalashnikov also revealed their retro-styled electric car the Kalashnikov CV-1.

This prototype electric vehicle has an operating range of 350 km with power provided by a 90 kWh battery pack. The car can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in an estimated 6 seconds.

The CV-1 is being pitched as a direct rival to the Tesla Model 5 which is the latest in the line of battery powered cars.

Even though Kalashnikov has revealed these electric vehicles, the production is still far from ever happening soon. But it is interesting to see how a weapons manufacturer has entered a completely different industry from their usual business.